Cultural day 2015

15th Aug, 2017

This year’s cultural festival was not one of the most anticipated, at least for the students. This comes as a result of the shifts of the scheduled date to a later date following the announcement of this year’s K.C.S.E results. One could not fail to notice to gloomy look on the students face when the festivals were postponed to a Saturday later to give room for the class of 2015 stakeholder strategic planning meeting. To say the least, there was a general feeling that the event should be cancelled because it would fall during exam period especially for the form threes and form fours. This was not to happen though because the event is carefully inscribed in school calendar so it was agreed that it would be on 21st March. At the beginning of that week, the journalism club did the very best to psyche the students up but this did very little to the already discouraged students who were already focused on their end of term one exams. Then came the biggest shocker. Schools were turning down our invitations because the ‘timing’ they claimed was wrong since the end term exams were just about to begin. This killed the spirit of the few who were still hopeful at least to unveil their outfits. However, by the eve of the event, students began lightening up and I guess, unanimously agreed to enjoy the day anyways. We had our hair styled on Friday. Then came the d-day. It took the efforts of all the lady teachers to get us all dressed up. When they gave us a time limit to have the dorms locked, all the students carried their outfits and proceeded to the tuition block from where we dressed. All this was intended to bring suspense as students unveiled their swag one by one. The students kept away from the dining hall until the insyder DJs achieved. They had to do their job well for the students to come to the dining hall. At around 11:00AM the event was alive with lovely presentations from the students. The MCs for the day Joy, Beverly and Zeddy of insyder did not disappoint. Then came the arrival of the guest speaker, renowned TV personality Betty Kyallo of KTN. The roof was brought down with appreciation at her presence. When she stood to speak, there was pin drop silence and one could not stop admiring her confidence, eloquence coupled with the wise counsel she gave all the students. Her story is that of a very essence and resilient lady who will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. She ended by welcoming the journalism club to her show, Friday briefing in May so be sure to catch us live on KTN… Ironically everyone now claims to be a friend of the journalism club and of course you know why? … The models did not disappoint in the run way as their outfits in each category spoke volumes about how much time, energy and creativity had been put in to guarantee such gorgeous outfits. NTVs Lolani Kalu was hilarious when he came up on stage to entertain with his traditional song ‘kaya kayaya.’ The NTV crew took clips for the event which were aired the following day on NTV jioni. The eagerly awaited moment came when a surprise guest artist was to take to the stage and entertain the crowd just before the crowing of Miss Bristar. The students could not believe their ears when the MC announced that Avril was in the house. In a flash she appeared on stage and gave her very best to the liking of the audience. The students sang along to her tunes over and over. As if this was not enough, she invited another artist on stage JA who rocked the audience with her rapping. Finally the climax of the event came. The crowing of Miss Bristar after the models paraded with their evening wear. And Miss Bristar 2015 is…….. our own Shammim had the privilege to be crowned by the very refined Betty Kyalo. It was all pomp and color as students struggled to have a shot with this newly crowned beauty. The insyder also made the day dishing chocolates to all students with the lucky ones getting a box of bars…. Be sure to catch us next year same time for the 2016 festivals….definitely bigger and better.