Sports the Bristar way

15th Aug, 2017

The psychomotor domain of learning stipulates that learners engage in physical activities and exercise to facilitate motor kinesthesia. Here in Bristar we give emphasis to an all rounded system of learning where all the domains of learning are engaged. We have thus equipped our sports department with a variety of play items and activities including all ball games, indoor games, athletics and other such as aerobics, chess, and word power. We recommend vigorous exercise during games which kicks off with at least two laps along our school runway and then head on to the various play grounds for the specific games. Of course discipline is a major factor and is always observed to the letter. Our highly experienced international coach, Andrej from Slovakia has helped a lot in nurturing ball games talents especially in basketball where he coordinates the senior team and the upcoming junior teams which take over from second to give time to the candidates to maximize on their academics. A chiropractor recently visited Bristar and elaborated the importance of exercise and it’s interconnection with bio-chemical relations that controls synapses in our bodies. It was amazing to learn that over 90% of diseases are associated with the malfunctioning of the meninges which comes as a result of pressure build up on the spinal fluid. This can be rectified by controlled practice and exercise that we emphasize in our sport department. Engage in sports for healthy living.

Mr. Waiganjo –H.O.D Sports