What does Bristar stand for? This is a question we have been asking ourselves until we discovered what the truth is for us.

A high light of the activities we undertake testifies our truth.

We have not just taught but taught with a human face. It’s going to class and knowing that inside that class is a very intelligent person, a wounded girl, a slow learner, a bitter or hurting student and the lesson plan has to be adjusted. We have inspired our students and seen them in the carpenter’s eyes; because our eyes have been accustomed to seeing beyond the surface of a tree to its very heart, even to the finished product-a holistic girl.

Our truth is defined in every life we have touched.




The Principal

All of us have been given or requested for a second chance at some point in our life. It could be when we did something wrong, the mistake led to a big mess and the big mess led to great misery. In the midst of the misery, we consider our losses and we admit, ‘I need a Second Chance’.

To the students, imagine a school life where there are no second chances. An environment where one mistake makes you be given a summary dismissal from school.  Where would you be today?  Of course a lot of thoughts flood your mind. At Bristar Girls’ High School, you are given a second chance everyday to do something to help your situation and to realize that there are so many possibilities to your life. We need to realize that our school life time is limited and that we have to cherish the new opportunity we are given to use it and leave something valuable behind us.

Second chances have no expiration date. When you get a second chance, you can maintain it by starting each day with appreciation, sharing your second chance with others and ending the day by giving thanks. Make every day a beginning of your second chance to make a bright future and take it as an opportunity to re evaluate the decisions that will affect your tomorrow


Miss Mutisya

The Deputy Principal

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