Bristar Girls High School is a modern boarding school that caters for the girl child. The institution is founded on the Biblical standard based on the firm belief that in every student there is a 'Bright Morning Star' thus the name Bristar Girls’ High School. A lot of emphasis is placed on academic excellence and solid relationships.


Bristar Girls High school recognizes that there is a leader in every girl child.Our vision therefore is to develop and fully exploit the leadership potential in the student as we impart educational values.

System of Education

We offer the 8-4-4 system of education from F1-F4 in all the theoretical and basic subjects the curriculum offers. In addition we also have Home Science, French, Computer, Music, and Guidance and Counseling, Career counseling, sports and variety of club activities.


Syllabus is covered by September in junior classes and by June of the Exam Year for the candidate class.

Group Discussions

We emphasize on personalized attention for the students because we believe students have different cognitive needs. Group discussions are also embraced which ensures mastery of content through peer teaching among themselves. This is done for 30 minutes every day as well as over the weekend. This is made effective by guided questions by various subject teachers and at times the students’ initiative to discuss a topic of their choice. We at Bristar realize that the curriculum is demanding thus provide a variety of co-curricular activities tailored to ensure fun in learning.

Academic Clinics

Each class is slotted in for an academic clinic, a one-on-one discussion between the parent, student and each subject teacher, during which the student’s academic progress is monitored and consequently evaluated. This is an important session where all stakeholders are brought on board to ensure effective delivery and actualization of the school mission and vision.